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Jetstar Waterjet Rotary Screen Stripping System

Industries worldwide are gearing up to the challenges of environment friendly sustainable production. Developing economies need more green products. Jetstar's new water jet rotary screen stripping machine is a big green initiative for the Indian Textile Industry.

The whole clening system comprises of three main components, the ultra high pressure pump, the passivized stainless steel stripping unit and the cooling tower.

This high pressure pump include a complete hydraulic drive unit with oil/water cooler, High Pressure intensifier, Accumulator and directional control valve.
This is responsible for the constant water pressure of five waterjets and ensures 24 hours continuous with zero downtime.

The stripping unit is made out of high quality passivized stainless steel.
The photosensitive emulsion and dyestuff in the screen is stripped through specially designed nozzles with high pressure softened water.
This water jet stripping technology not only makes each mesh 100% clean but also smoothens the generated manual wrinkles and ensures that physical characteristics of the nickel screen remains intact. Thereby making the repeated use of screens feasible.

Specially designed nozzle head for high efficiency and serviceability.

  • Sustainable and most environment friendly cleaning method.
  • Achieves 100% cleaning result
  • Ensures faster cleaning
  • Extended life time for screens
  • Quick return on investment
  • Withdrawl from hazardous chemical stripping
  • Protect the environment and employees from harmful chemicals

Power 30KW, 3Phase, 50Hz
Maximum Pressure 3800 bar
Operating Pressure 2500 bar
Maximum Water Flow Rate 3.7 litre/ minute
Supported Screen Widths JSRS 2200 -upto 2200 mm
JSRS 3500 - upto 3500 mm (with End Rings)
Supported Screen Repeats 640 mm, 820 mm, 914 mm, 1018 mm
Maximum Number of Nozzles 5
Nozzles Tip Adjustment Rate 180 mm
Size (Approx.) Booster Unit 2286 X 1067 X 1397 mm
Weight (Approx.) Booster Unit 940 kg
Size (Approx.) Stripping Unit 3660 X 960 X 1850 mm
Weight (Approx.) Stripping Unit 1120 kg