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Jetstar Rotary Screen Engraver is a state-of-the-art offering from the Jetstar stable. It is a combination of the most advanced inkjet printing technology and a world-class motion mechanism. This inkjet engraving method is the fastest, cheapest and most efficient method to produce the highest quality rotary screens for textile printing.

Maximum Screen Length Up to 3500mm
Maximum Printable Length Up to 3200mm
Print Method Clockwise - Anti-Clockwise/Step Print
Print Head Technology Epson’s Piezo Electric Technology
Supported Screen Circumference 640mm/820mm/914mm/1018mm
Resolution Up to 1440dpi
Exposing Ultra Violet Exposing Unit
Screeen Securing System Included
Weight & Size Dependant on Your Specification
Electrical Input 220V, 50Hz
Operating Condition 20-25° C, 30-70% Relative Humidity
Software PC based RIP Software
PC Interface USB/Ethernet