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Jetstar Blue Ray Rotary Screen Engraver - JSBRR

Jetstar introduces a breakthrough in Computer To Screen systems with the launch of Blue Ray Laser Rotary engraver. A fibre coupled array of 16/32/64 nos blue laser diodes in used to accurately engrave images on the screen. The total cost of ownership per engraved screen reduces considerably as there are no consumables involved. Based on accurate focusing and stability of UV Laser System, Jetstar's blue ray rotary engraver can realize high speed and high precision screen making with low cost.

Imaging System: 16/32/64 channel Discrete 405nm laser Diodes
Print Resolution: 720-2540dpi
Engraving Speed: 5-8min/m(640)
Interface: USB 2.0
Emulsion: UV sensitization standard
Printing Length: 2200mm / 3500mm
Screen Circumferences: 640, 820, 914, 1018
Image Format: bmp, tif
Power: 220v-50Hz-2KW
Environment: 21-25°C, Humidity 40-70% non condensing
Registration Accuracy: + - 0.02mm