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Jetstar Blue Ray Flatbed Screen Engraver-JSBRF

Jetstar's Blue Ray Flatbed Engraver is an integration of modern semiconductor laser electronics, state of the art mechanics and computer control. The semiconductor laser transfers the color separation signal directly on lacquered flat screen, which realized bitmap reduction and produces desired design.

Automatic switching technology of light path supporting UV laser diodes with 32/64 channels ensures that when one of the laser diode fails, the engraver continues to output using the remaining maximum continuous channels. Thereby guaranteeing the continuous production.

The temperature control system in laser thermostatic shielding box can precisely adjust the temperature automatically with a minimum at positive or negative 0.1 degrees in both directions. It also automatically calibrates light intensity every 8 hours under an accurate thermostat condition and therefore ensures the consistency of laser energy reaching screens.

Imaging System : 32/64 channel Discrete 405nm laser Diodes
Print Resolution : 720-2540dpi
Engraving Speed : 8-15 min/m2
Inter Face : USB 2.0
Emulsion : UV sensitization standard
Printing Length : 2000 x 2000; 3500 x 3200 (optional custom size also available)
File Format : bmp, tif.
Power : 220V-50Hz-2KW
Environment :21-25°C, Humidity 40-70% non condensing
Registration Accuracy :+ - 0.02mm